Sleek Laser

Rants & Raves

I first came to Sleek through a Groupon. I was so pleasantly pleased by the procedure and staff that on my second visit I signed up. The results were noticeable within my second visit. It is worth the effort to come in. I live and hour away. I would recommend Sleek to my friends and contemporaries.

This by far has been the next best skin spa I have ever, ever been to. I drive an hour just to come here because of the great service. Before coming here I had terrible skin and I was really uneducated about skin care. After meeting the staff I feel gorgeous again! As a college student they have worked with my schedule and have such an upbeat attitude. I have been here for over 2 years it’s so worth it. I love Tiffany and Lindy, they’re honest, very positive and very personable. Sleek Laser Skin Center treats all customers as individuals and according to needs. Chemical peels, microdermabrasions have changed my skin which is so flawless/ beautiful! Thank You!
-Shante C.

Prior to getting facial treatments from here, I suffered from breakouts to constant blackheads. It’s been two years and my skin does not get as oily and I like the glow I have. I am pleased with the treatments as I have received compliments on how good my skin looks.
-Roma O.

Lindy does a great job and always has a great smile! You guys do a great job!
-Zehra R.

I would like to thank everyone for a wonderful and relaxing experience at Sleek Laser. I was able to achieve exactly what I wanted in the time frame explained by your associates. All my appointments were enthusiastically received by all your associates, each of whom all had positive comments and recommendations on different types of services.

I particularly wanted to thank Tiffany who did an outstanding job with the laser service, she always made sure I was comfortable during the procedures.

Thank you all very much!

I have always received great treatments here and have been very satisfied with the professional aestheticians. Lindy gives wonderful facials and seems to know exactly how to treat my skin.
-Cindy F.

I was happy with all the services I received especially the laser treatments. I would and will recommend to anyone looking for a friendly treatment center.
-Nelly D.

Fabulous and Friendly! I recently tried Sleek Laser and Skin center and was very pleased. The staff was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. They took their time to explain exactly what the procedure involved and how much (if any) pain was involved. They truly seemed interested in my issues and what we need to do to resolve them. They gave me options to improve my skin, but were never pushy. They have a great membership plan that fits my budget, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do as many of the treatments as I want. I would recommend Sleek Laser to anyone looking to "refresh" themselves or any other procedure you feel needed.

I am so excited to be a member at Sleek. The value is great and their service is unbeatable!

The treatments I've had at Sleek have been very special. Their staff has been easy to work with and are very considerate during the treatments. I have seen great results. I have also purchased several of their products and I love them. I plan on being a long-term client with Sleek and I know I will be very happy.

I love the prices at Sleek. I have shopped around and they are the best value around. They also have a very knowledgeable and caring staff. I love my treatment results!


Very happy with results of laser hair removal. All consultants/ techs are very personable and friendly- provide great customer service. Will high recommend for laser hair removal.
-MaryCarmen F.

My experience here at Sleek Laser and Skin Center has been fantastic! The entire staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and receptive to any questions or concerns. I have received my treatments from Tiffany, Lindy, and April, and all of them were great. I have seen a 90% reduction in my hair thus far and would highly recommend the services to everyone! -Sahrish K.

Laser (Brazilian) Hair Removal. Able to put me at ease and made it very comfortable in a potentially awkward situation. Thanks! Great Job
-Lisa G.

I am amazed at the results my skin is smooth. The hair on my face seemed to just disappear. I’m very happy. I don’t have to pick on my skin with tweezers to remove unwanted hair and irritate my skin. The staff is wonderful, informative and friendly.
-Blanca R

Sleek Laser and Skin Center was great for laser hair removal. They were extremely informative about ever that would happen and about what you needed to do beforehand. Lindy was great! She made the procedure as easy as possible. Ozzi at the front desk was also very helpful. Only down side was finding the building.

Fantastic service, excellent results! I first heard of Sleek Laser from a co-worker, who raved about the service, the professional staff, and the best prices around. The office is small, but well-appointed and very clean. The staff and manager are what really make this place stand out. I have seen two of their esthetician, who have been very sweet and knowledgeable. Another big plus for me was the fact that the staff remembers my name and made efforts to chat before or after the appointment, rather than just shuffle me in and out. Great customer service! They have an awesome membership plan that makes everything they do so affordable- I am addicted now! So far, I've had two areas treated for hair removal with excellent results. I have started to do some of their facial services too and they are just as great. I highly recommend Sleek!
-Amy H.

Knowing little about laser hair removal, I was a little apprehensive about what the procedure would be like. Your very knowledgeable staff put me at ease with a detailed explanation of everything that was being done. My daughters and I will definitely enjoy this summer much more than before due to not having to worry about unwanted hair. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.

I am 14 years old and was having to wax my lip every other week which was painful and left my lip with little bumps every time. Thanks to laser hair removal my lip is now hair-free and I am now having other area treated and am very happy with all of my results.

I have been receiving laser treatments to have unwanted hair removed. Over the year I found the staff to be consistently pleasant on all my visits. The staff displayed dedication and strong knowledge of various treatments and procedures that I would benefit from. I believe Laura is an asset to your organization and extraordinarily helpful to your clients, she always made sure to personally greet me and make sure to ask if I needed anything before the procedures.

Because of the dedication of your staff I highly recommend Sleek to any individual that plans to seek treatment there.
-Steve M.

I started getting Laser Hair Removal on my face at Sleek in May of 2012. I have had 3 treatments and I love it. I saw results with the 1st Treatment and feel that I am about 75% to my goal. My experience has been great. The growth of the hair in the area has slowed down 50% and it is now very light. Most of the hair is completely gone. I had a lot of scarring from plucking my ingrown hairs. But since being consistent with the treatments and using sunscreen, the brown spots have even faded. The staff was always friendly and the Aesthetician's always made me feel comfortable. I can now wear my hair up and don’t have to cover up my face. It has changed my life. I also love the option to become a Member and pay an affordable price every month instead of the whole payment at once. Thank You! Great services at great prices!
-Elizabeth M.


I had some ugly spider veins on my thighs that I hated to look at when I wore shorts. I got a 2 package treatment for laser veins. The first treatments had minimal results, so I was not sure if I should go back. But when I explained to Tiffany what happed, she changed the setting and the laser and gave me the 2nd treatment. That worked. Once month later, over 80% of the spider veins are gone and most importantly, the 3 huge ones I saw every time I sat down are gone! I was so relieved that I finally got treatment after so many years of looking at those spider veins. I now recommend it to my family. It does hut but that is temporary.
-Katie N.


I highly recommend Sleek Laser and Skin Center. Had been to several spas for skin tightening and chemical peels but I have never been educated and treated so professionally by the staff. Here at Sleek Laser and Skin Center I can honestly say the staff is professional, trained to perform procedure and to educate the clients with pre and post procedure instructions. I love the results I see. In my case I would recommend it to everyone. It’s very easy and simple to come in. There is always a reminded call from the friendly staff. Always available appointments.
-Elisa L.

I wanted to share my success story with those who might be interested in looking younger and healthier. Everyone has a personal story about why “looking younger and healthier” is important to them. Mine is very straight forward. I FEEL YOUNG! I wanted to look like I feel. I found myself at SLEEK Laser & Skin Center to find out what services they offered that might help me along my journey. The staff was amazing! Each one made me feel excited to start work. I choose to do laser treatments on my face and décolletage area. I was so pleased with the even skin tone and the overall texture of my skin I decided to try this on my arms, hands and legs. I had the dreaded age spots in these areas and they caused me to constantly cover up. I am so amazed at the age spot FREE arms, hands and legs that I am enjoying wearing skirts, shorts and sleeveless things. My friends and family cannot believe! Everyone is running to the spa to find out how to achieve this age spot free skin! I feel wonderful and will NEVER allow age spots to decide my wardrobe again! If looking younger and feeling amazing about yourself is something you are looking for, go talk to the staff at SLEEK Laser & Skin Center. You will not regret your decision. PS. I am a huge price contentious person so I had shopped around before selecting SLEEK. They were the most reasonable priced salon for any of the treatments! I highly recommend becoming a member and try all the treatments offered.
-Debi S.

I love the staff, everyone is so courteous and kind. Since my membership in May I have seen very good results on the treatments I have received. I really like Ozzi, he is very professional and knowledgeable. The only dislike is the new location; it is an hour from my home. Exceptional service provided by: Everyone especially Tiffany and April
-Barbara F.

I wanted to send a quick note and tell you what an incredible difference your services have made on my skin. I have never gone regularly to a spa for facial upkeep and endured some damage on my face.

The whole concept of being able to pay a very reasonable monthly fee and receive a major service provided me with just the incentive I needed to start taking regular care of my skin. Almost immediately I noticed an amazing difference and so have many others. I love the Sensi peel which tightens my skin immediately, reduces the size of my pores and adds a natural glow.

How we look has been proven to affect how we are treated, in business in our personal life, our confidence, even how much we are paid.

Your Spa is the one of best thing I've ever done for myself and I HIGHLY recommend you to all. Any investment in yourself is an investment in your life and your future.

Also, your whole team is delightful!!!
-Janet A.

I have been so excited with the results I have seen from my IPL treatments at Sleek. My family and friends are amazed at how refreshed I look!


Before I came to Sleek, I had severe cystic acne. It was so bad, I couldn't wash, dry, or even sleep on the side of my face without being in pain. I hated going out in public and every day I woke up it was always worse than the day before. I tried **** Medspa first, but after spending thousands of dollars over a period of four months, the only result I saw was a big dent in my bank account. Then I found Sleek and have been happy ever since. I've been going there every week for about two months and my face has improved dramatically. I can wake up in the morning without any new blemishes, and if I do get one, it's not nearly as bad as it was before I started my treatments at Sleek. And the prices are totally reasonable. For two treatments at ****, I can get 16 treatments at Sleek....believe me, I've done the math. The staff there is incredible too. They knew me by my name the first day I came in there, they are always smiling and friendly, and they go out of their way to make me feel comfortable. It's great. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Every time I walk in it feels like home.
-Lora R.

I am getting the acne laser treatments as well as the laser hair removal. I have seen amazing results with both. The staff has been absolutely wonderful and so unbelievably helpful. They care so much to make sure I get the results I want and they go out of their way to make them possible.


It's difficult to put into words how pleased I am with my visit to Sleek Laser and Skin Center! I came in for Botox and Radiesse. Prior to my appointment I had a lot of questions. The lady at the desk answered as many as she could. Then she had Elizabeth call me to answer the rest of my questions. When I arrived for my appointment, I was VERY anxious. I have a very low tolerance for pain when it comes to the Radiesse injections. I had actually been putting it off for a year because I remembered how bad the pain was when I visited a plastic surgeon for the procedure in the past. Elizabeth was extremely caring and patient with me in handling my anxieties. When I went in to see Tara, their RN, she was so kind and so patient with me (and he had a great sense of humor also!). She answered all of my questions and explained everything to me as he was going along. I had put on the numbing cream prior to coming in and he gave me two small, painless shots in my mouth to numb the area when I arrived. I barely felt the Radiesse injections. Not a single tear came to my eyes! You have no idea what a miracle this was for me. And to top it all off, I can't frown anymore and my smile lines have disappeared!!! I want to thank all of you for making it such a pleasant experience. I can guarantee that I will never have anyone but Tara do my procedures from now on and will happily return to Sleek!