Reclaiming Youth: How BHRT Pellets Transformed My Energy, Body, and Life at 44 by Matt Matherly

In the summer of 2021, I was 44 years old, worked out three times a week, and could barely get through a 45-minute workout with my trainer. I ran out of energy quickly, experienced intense soreness that lasted for days, and struggled to keep up. My weight was 195 lbs, and I stood at six feet tall, peaking at a 36” waistline in my pants. While my diet was decent and I took numerous supplements, by 4 pm daily, I felt completely drained and often needed a nap or a cup of coffee. My sleep was restless throughout the night, and I woke up tired. Feeling so old at such a relatively young age was disheartening; something needed to change.
In September 2021, I made the decision to try BHRT pellets. Despite my dislike for needles and insertions, I was desperate for a change (and the procedure turned out to be almost painless). The first step was getting my lab work done, revealing my testosterone level at 313, which is considered normal for someone my age. However, being “normal” wasn’t enough. I learned that the peak testosterone level for men is around 25 years old and ranges between 900 and 1100. This meant that I was operating at only about 30% of my peak level. No wonder my energy and vitality were lacking! It’s like trying to run a car engine at 30% capacity. This decline had occurred over two decades, so I didn’t realize there was an alternative; I thought feeling this way was just a part of aging. On September 17th, 2021, I received my first pellet insertion. I remember this date vividly because of the positive impact it has had on my life.
It took about a week for me to start experiencing the benefits of the pellets. The changes were difficult to describe; I recall telling my wife that I felt like Superman. The mental fog lifted, revealing a newfound clarity and focus in my thoughts. My energy levels soared, and 4 pm would come and go without leaving me exhausted. I felt motivated to work out, a task that had been a struggle in the past. My workouts became productive, and my trainer noticed the immediate difference. Well, there was a definite change – my “engine” was no longer running at only 30% capacity. Memories of my youthful vigor resurfaced. I even joked with my wife that I felt like a teenager physically, but with the wisdom of someone in their mid-forties – the best of both worlds! These were the improvements I noticed:
– Increased energy
– Sharper focus
– Enhanced mental clarity
– Improved mood
– Dramatically reduced irritability
– Heightened libido
– Fat loss
– Muscle gain
– Better quality of sleep
It’s now been almost two years of regular BHRT insertions (about every four months). The most significant leap, going from 313 to around 1100 in testosterone levels, was by far the most eye-opening and drastic improvement for me. I now strive to maintain my levels within the 900-1100 range. By optimizing my testosterone levels, I gained some weight (from 195 lbs to 200 lbs), but this increase is all muscle. My waistline shrank from a 36” to my high school measurement of 32”. My appearance transformed from a typical “dad-bod” to that of someone who regularly works out. And I’ve achieved this while still sticking to my three-day-a-week workout routine. In my opinion, any man over 40 should consider BHRT and hormone optimization – it was a complete game-changer for me.