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Laser Vascular & Vein Treatments

Make Your Legs Look Young Again

Instead of covering spider veins, make your legs look great again. Let us show you the benefits of laser spider vein removal at Sleek Laser & Skin Center. Visible leg veins can be diminished or removed in just a few visits without the need to pierce the skin.

We Have Extensive Hands-On Laser Therapy Training

Laser spider vein treatments are very different from traditional injection treatments such as sclerotherapy. Lasers can achieve the same goal of collapsing spider veins but without the need for injection by using heat energy to shrink the small blood vessels, opening up the vein wall, so your body can get rid of the trapped blood in the non-functioning veins. The results are dissolved small veins and blood vessels, leaving your legs free from unsightly spider veins!

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Through years of experience and performing thousands of laser treatments, we’ve identified the optimal technology pairings to deliver you the best possible results. With FDA approved lasers available in our clinic, we have the ability to treat all skin tones and custom tailor each treatment to your skin’s specific conditions and needs. Lasers are medical devices which require training and knowledge for safe and effective operation.

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Still, Have Questions?

What can I expect from a laser leg vein treatment?

The treatment closes off or collapses small veins and blood vessels on the face as well as spider veins on the legs, diffuses redness and evens out skin tone. For the face some veins can be removed in just one treatment, others may take a series of 2-4 treatment. For leg veins we recommend an average of 2-4 treatments on each area.

How many laser leg vein treatments are recommended?

A minimum series of 3 treatments for leg veins. Periodic maintenance thereafter may be necessary. Your body made them before and may make them again. The type of vascular lesion and the severity of the condition will determine the number of treatments needed.

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