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Laser Acne Treatments

Pain Free Acne Treatment

Our Acne Treatment is non-invasive and can improve active acne dramatically- up to 90% on most clients with a complete treatment protocol and effective at-home care regime. More resistant acne may benefit from our Designer Chemical Peels and Facials to decongest the skin along with the Laser Acne treatments.

Active Acne

Though acne is typically associated with adolescence, acne is not confined to teenage years; adults well into their 40s can get acne, and many do. Some people experience acne for the first time as adults. Acne happens when the pores get blocked with dead skin cells. Sebum, the oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands that help keep the skin and hair moisturized normally drains to the surface. However, if the sebum gets blocked bacteria such as P. acne begins to grow and the pore can become inflamed. Inflammation is what causes a pimple to look red and swollen.

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Acne Treatments

Sleek Laser has multiple ways to attack acne, from Laser (BBL), HydraFusion Facials, and Designer Peels we can improve active acne dramatically for most clients with our complete treatment protocol and effective at-home care regime.

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Laser (BBL) – BBL laser treatment works by stimulating the production of collagen, which helps improve skin texture and elasticity. It also targets and breaks down pigment clusters responsible for issues like brown spots and redness, allowing the body to naturally eliminate them over time.

HydraFusion Facial – Clear (Acne) – A targeted treatment for impure skin, oily skin conditions, and open pores. Anti-inflammatory effect, soothing acne-prone skin, reducing skin redness and has a fast relief of skin irritation.

Designer Peels – Formulated with skin lighteners, natural fruit acids, herbs, antioxidants, and other natural beneficial ingredients, to improve the appearance of your skin and promote optimum skin health. Sleek Laser’s Peels smooth rough skin texture; helping to fade hyperpigmentation (dark spots); and assisting in clearing acne blemished skin all to obtain healthier acting, younger looking skin!

We use a specific laser (BBL) system, depending on your skin type, to slowly warm the skin. The laser light is delivered very quickly and penetrates deeply. Each treatment is approximately 15 – 30 minutes.

Initially, several treatments and/or a combination of laser (BBL) treatments and non-laser treatments will be necessary to get the active breakouts under control and minimized. This means you may come in several times a month.

A series of at least 5-8 treatments Laser (BBL) Acne treatments, every 3-4 days are recommended for maximum results. After the treatments series results can often be maintained by continuing with HydraFusion Facials, Designer Peels and combining home care products and prescription products. Some clients will do regular maintenance with the laser (BBL) combinations or the Laser Acne treatment alone. Very resistant acne may need 2-3 series of 5-8 treatments.

A treatment protocol of Laser (BBL) Acne treatments with a combination of HydraFusion Facials, and Designer Peels may be recommended and scheduled specifically for your skin care needs, instead of the series of 5-8 laser treatments.

Still, Have Questions?

How can I suppress my acne?

The best approach to controlling and suppressing acne is multi-faceted. Acne facials, peels, microdermabrasion, home care products, prescription products and laser treatments will bring your skin back to its best ever condition. Women with hormonal induced acne will benefit from timing there treatment around their menstrual cycle. Our skin care professionals can help you with your treatment schedule to get the most out of the treatments.

What techniques will be used?

Your provider will use a YAG laser or BBL system, depending on your skin type, to slowly warm the skin. The laser light is delivered very quickly and penetrates deeply.

What skin types can be treated with these lasers?

Fitzpatrick I – IV (lighter skin types) can be treated with the various lasers. Some darker skin types, Fitzpatrick V-VI, will tolerate the YAG painting portion of the treatment but this varies amongst individuals.

What’s the recovery time?

After laser treatment for acne your skin will be flushed pink and may exhibit some swelling. Makeup can be applied immediately after your treatment. Most people return to normal activities immediately. Sun exposure needs to be minimized pre and post-treatment.

Are there any risks?

With any laser & light therapy, there is a possibility for adverse effects. Although unlikely, overheating of the skin may cause a change in pigment (darker or lighter), blister or a burn which could lead to infection or scarring. Proper post-treatment care should prevent most risks.

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